On all cd's: titles of cd's not 100% sure.
Plus if you're willing to help on the translations; romanizations; lyrics from any of these cd's let me know.

The samples here are encoded in mp3 format with 16kbps & 11khz for compression purposes.

For those who are seeking to purchase these cd's, please notice that the only cd's that are still in print are the Bronze OST & Minami Ozaki Best Coll (Taiwan/unofficial copy).
I personally don't know many places to purchase them. But Anime Nation will special order the Bronze OST for you. And the Minami Ozaki Best Coll. is sold by SM Records themselves. Please do not e-mail me asking where to buy them. I don't know anymore than that.
Thank you.

~Kamui K~

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1992/Minami Ozaki/Victor/JVC
1993/Minami Ozaki/Toshiba EMI